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The Light Within

May 3rd, 2017

By Renée Michelle Wenker

When I was young, or rather, a child,
I wondered why God, in Heaven, would hide.
I loved to think of Him every day.
He filled my heart in every way.

I wanted to see Him and hear Him talk.
I wanted to touch Him, and with me, walk.
To Him, I conveyed this, in my prayer.
When it went unanswered, I felt it unfair.

The years went by, and with them, my love,
For the one in my heart, somewhere, up above.
Then suddenly, one day, my faith did diminish.
The talks that I had with Him came to a finish.

There were others things more important to see,
Than the One who never seemed to answer me.
To life, my feelings, I opened and poured,
The thoughts and love I once sent my Lord.

For a while, it seemed that life was such fun.
The excitement, adventure, was never quite done!
I reveled! I laughed! I cried and I sang.
I danced and I played! Life was a Big Bang!!

And yet, there was....and echo inside.
A hollow emptiness, where God does abide.
I began to think of Him, and then I.....
Felt so alone, I wanted to cry!

I'd ignored my God. Resisted the Truth.
Abolished my faith, for the sake of my youth.
How could I claim to be so religious??
I'd renounced my Lord, in a way that was vicious.

I couldn't seem to forgive myself.
A sin, I committed, for material wealth.
In the mirror, I looked and tried to see,
The lack of what I'd used to be.

The light was gone from my eyes.
The mirror reflected my living lies.
The shame I felt cut me in half.
I'd driven myself from God's loving path.

It took many years to set it aright.
To mend my soul; renew that light.
To people, I turned, to help them grow,
The seeds I'd planted, I let patiently sow.

It was not easy, or without trials.
The journey for me, a million miles!
I forgave myself, and God did, too.
For He never forgets either me, or you.

Let this be a lesson to all:
God does answer every call.
We look for Him in our own way.
And thus, we miss His reparté.

Look inside...way down deep.
To where our Lord answers keep.
Like in the smile of a stranger we pass;
The smell of the flowers, the green of the grass.

To be rich and pretty, famous and smart.
These are the things that turned black my heart.
There's nothing as precious as what is within.
To value it less is a tragic sin.

So open the door, and let Him rejoice!
And you'll feel the rewards of a beautiful choice.
Go now in peace and remember this poem.
Love always God, within your own home.

My Compassion for All People

May 3rd, 2017

My Compassion for All People
By Renée Michelle Wenker

I was born with a precious gift.
My soul's greatest desire is to uplift.
When I was of age to start school,
I learned that people could be so cruel.

I simply could not comprehend,
Peoples nature to condescend.
We all became from one Mind.
So how can people be so unkind?

Every single person with life,
Can choose to live free of strife.
All that we call our misery,
Results from our disharmony.

God, by whatever name be known,
Desires most that we return home.
First, we must challenge what we believe.
Guard every thought; don't be so naive.

Since the beginning, we all believe
That our sins are the cause of all we grieve.
But this is so grossly misconceived.
Seek the Truth, be at once relieved.

I dare all my fellow kind,
Fear not being socially maligned.
Using Free Will to seek out the Truth,
I warn you now, will cause much reproof.

Keep always in mind a righteous ideal.
The reward is such joy, humbly, you'll kneel.
From the depths of your enlightened soul,
Divine harmony, at-one-ness, finally whole.

I tell all living, for those who have ears,
Act always in kindness; let go of your fears.
Compassionately, God devolved to be with us.
Hoping to save those He finds precious.

But all He could do is show us the way.
Our choice is to follow, or wander astray.
Let go of judgment, or suffer, in true,
What you see in all others reveals the real you.

When we have fully come into the Light,
We become capable of only doing right.
For the Truth reveals that we are all One.
From then on, only harmony is Willfully spun.

Know Thyself

May 3rd, 2017

Know Thyself
by Renée Michelle Wenker

We Live in Fear.
But it is fear,
That gave us life.

We are alive,
Because we fear.
What happens...
If we live without fear?

Is what we fear.


Hell is our domain.
Chosen, such sorrow;
For it is death
That sets us free.

Fear not.
"Know thyself."
We are the Light.


August 31st, 2014

Poncho (Non-Villa)
by Rene Michelle Wenker

Poncho was born in La Jolla.
A town quite FAR from Valhalla.
Indeed, he was born
Alas, we all mourn,
Because his last name was DeLlama.

Poncho DeLlama was such a nice guy.
Although he was a bit on the sly.
How could one blame him,
With that name he was given?
He became the town's best at Pan Fry.

Yes, Poncho was just a fry cook.
His potatoes and eggs"stook".
He could fry up a steak,
In the time it would take,
Emil to boast of his poached snook.

Poncho was quite a tall man,
Standing 6 foot and 5 hands.
The white hat on his head,
Often braised overhead,
Poor Poncho developed a crooked stance.

But that didn't matter to the folks,
That learned to love the tall, sly ol' Yoke.
He was one of a kind,
Yet of the same mind,
His only vice, an obsession with Diet Coke.

La Jolla was put on the map,
All due to this tall jolly sap,
Neighboring towns came to visit,
For they all felt such kismet,
For the Fry Cook in his pristine white cap.

The Reflection in the Mirror

August 31st, 2014

The Reflection in the Mirror
By Renee Michelle Wenker

If the world is but a mirror,
Its purpose to reflect;
Then who I am, simply put,
Is all that I project.

If what I experience,
Is based on stimuli;
Sight, taste, sound, smell,
And touch explains, Who am I?

This all defines not my Self.
For Self is pure Harmony.
But ego, a Master of Illusion,
Our senses are the Enemy!

What does this mean, to you and me?
The wise know, by what we call E.S.P.
The world is known by five senses.
But we know more, you see?

The Scientific Era,
In which we live, currently;
Is a challenge to overcome,
Who is qualified to define reality?

All that Science holds as fact,
Is true enough, I would agree.
But science overlooks ONE fact:
It cannot see beyond materiality.

Beyond Science, beyond knowledge,
Beyond all known history
Is the Light from which we came,
And our Divine destiny.

The Spirit of Christmas

August 31st, 2014

By Rene Michelle Wenker

Christmas time uplifts my spirit,
The height of every year.
For me, Gods love, I inherit,
A respite from despair.

His sacrifice has spanned across
Two hundred centuries.
How great must be Gods love for us.
Im humbly on my knees.

I know that Jesus never strays,
For He abides within.
When all the world unites in praise,
Such love can transcend sin.

You are not forgotten, Lord.
Your life was not in vain.
In heart and soul, You are adored.
In time, with You, well reign.

Let Us Make a Deal

August 31st, 2014

Lets Make a Deal
By Rene Michelle Wenker

I promise if you hear me out,
And set aside your weary doubt,
You might agree to my appeal,
And decide it is a worthy deal.

I really need to get things done.
This mess is making me high-strung.
Since tomorrow, youll be on the job,
You wont be home to hear me sob.

So here it is, my desperate plan:
Tonight, Ill do all I can.
If you let me have tomorrows dose,
Of rits, this house will look much less gross.

With principled sincerity,
I promise not a word from me,
Of complaint or sullen misery.
Ill endure tomorrow gracefully.

If you say no, Ill understand.
Ill make no further woeful demand.
If you say yes, then bless your soul.
Ill do my best to meet my goal.


August 31st, 2014

By Rene Michelle Wenker

As I sit here, and wonder what to do,
The clock ticks silently. It's nothing new.
The days go by, always the same.
Life seems just a boring game.

I wake, get coffee...sit at the table.
Theres naught to do, of which I am able.
No jobs on the market, to pay bills and play.
Just my imagination. I won't let it decay.

The mind is a wonder, I often reflect,
On times gone by, and what I neglect.
The people today, "no wonder! are dead.
The fighting inside, losing one's head.

Life shouldn't be something we grudge.
Remember the times are moms' made us fudge?
Why don't we all just sit back and laugh?
That special feeling cuts troubles in half!

"What to laugh at?" you ask. Well, let me ROAR,
"Life's big problems can open a door!"
Simply go through, and close behind...
The tragedies you felt brought life to a grind.

Look back and say, "I'm glad that's all through."
And rejoice in the fact that you are still you.
It may have caused you much pain and much tears.
But much joy is waiting ahead in your years.

It's all up to you to make life fun.
ALL great problems melt under the sun.
So what if nothing's going your way??
Find a new road, make yours a new day!

I'm ready to look at this day once more,
And see the possibilities in its store.
I'll take note, and smile at silly, simple things.
I'll find the joys this other life brings!

Dismally Discombobulated

August 31st, 2014

Dismally Discombobulated
by Rene Michelle Wenker

As I find myself in distrait,
It is time to expiate -
Since I cannot gesticulate,
This poem will surely obfuscate.
Therefore, I shall not equivocate.
My thoughts, instead, I perorate.
In a manner, I asseverate.

I am, you know, quite sedulous.
This, challenged, when I feel tenebrous.
And though, these moods are fugacious,
And affect my being loquacious,
I manage to be assiduous,
And hopefully, efficacious,
In my desire to be gregarious.

With fervid plenipotentiary
Myself, expressed with celerity,
Alas, to avoid skullduggery,
Or be thought of, in a manner, desultory,
This poem shall end with alacrity.
Perchance, I shall thus risk gallimaufry.
Though, its purpose served, most definitely.

A Love For All Seasons

August 31st, 2014

A Love for All Seasons
By Rene Michelle Wenker

Spring is the season where new life begins.
From cold death, vibrant energy now sings.
Trees, flowers, even the angle of suns rays
Commune joyfully, in unity, throughout springs days.

Summer follows, no less divine.
Its magic rejoices lifes fresh design.
Humanity experienced at its best,
As people live lives with hopeful zest.

Autumn commences, life winding down.
Reaping the Harvest of what had been sewn.
Vibrant colors abound, as the last cycle nears.
A natural testament; a sublime chorus of cheers.

Winter brings rest, the final stage,
Its not the end. Death brings a new age.
Just around the corner, life simply reruns.
Hence, the delight, A Love for All Seasons.


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